Retirement Income Planning

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You want to save additional dollars for retirement. Depending on whether you are already covered by a qualified retirement plan at work, your choices would be:

  • A regular IRA
  • A Roth IRA
  • A non-qualified annuity
  • A taxable investment

You may have a need for life insurance coverage as well. This financial need can be satisfied with either:

  • Term insurance or
  • Permanent insurance or
  • A combination of both


It may be time for you to consider a permanent life insurance solution. Permanent life insurance will provide “double duty”. It will provide the life insurance protection necessary, without the worry of increasing premiums, and an accumulation of cash values that are an additional source of retirement income.


The permanent life insurance cash values are available for use before retirement, which are not normally available from the IRA, the ROTH IRA or the non-qualified annuity.

Whether the answer is term, permanent life insurance protection or an IRA annuity, we can provide you with a CHOICE!

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